Readylok Transom Unit provide an immediate low cost way to convert your stock of tube and fittings into an easily and speedily erected system scaffold. These pre-coupled units also eliminate the need for loose fittings dramatically.

Readylok Transom units are available in 5, 4 and 3 boards sizes.

Extendable Intermediate Transoms

Extendable intermediate transoms provides a unique solution for the creation of boarded platforms within traditional tube & fitting scaffolds. It combines three loose components into one easy to assemble item that is suitable for use with traditional tube and fittings, and with Readylok transoms.

Extendable intermediate transoms are suitable for the following scaffold types:
- Facade Access
- Inspection, Lightweight, Medium & Heavy Duty Scaffolds
- 1, 2 or 3 inside boards, fully loaded
- 4 or 5 board wide scaffolds

Extendable intermediate transom (4+3) can be used with Readylok 4 board unit

Extendable intermediate transom (5+3) can be used with Readylok 5 board unit